Admin App: Support to Manage Email Templates

As part of the November 21st release, Admin users now have the ability to manage and update DMH email template content via the Admin App.

Within the Admin App, a new Email Template icon is displayed under the General Settings tab. When a user selects the Email Template icon, they will see a list view of all the site email templates. The list view provides high-level information about the individual templates associated with the site: 

  • Name (Actual name of the template within SendGrid) 
  • ID (The ID used for the template within SendGrid) 
  • Configured Checkbox (Informs a user if this template exists within the Site Config)
  • Updated & Active Updated (Timestamps for when a template was modified) 
  • Active Thumbnail (Thumbnail representation of the email template) 

The Email Template page also includes an Edit feature, by selecting the Edit icon, this allows users the ability to edit the basic components of the template. These include: Global header and footer, marketing images, headline and body text and action buttons.