Order Optimization - Shipping Dock Bypass

As part of the October 16th DMH release, users can now expedite the delivery time for assets that don't require a restore or transcode.

A new 'Bypass Order Shipping Dock' flag exists on the site configuration within the Admin App. When disabled (the default state) then all order fulfillment is sent to our transcoding platform  for processing, and the resulting media files are copied to the DMH shipping dock.

When the feature is enabled then some fulfillment requests are NOT sent to our transcoding platform, and instead the media is downloaded directly from the rendition storage location.

In order to utilize this feature, there are a few items to keep in mind:

1. The asset is a master copy

2. No transcoding is required (no codec change or trimming)

3. Renaming the file is not required

4. The rendition is not in the Glacier storage tier

When enabling the Bypass Order Shipping Dock feature, additional updates to the delivery options may be required for the DMH.