Already-in-Cart/Quote/Package Indicator

As part of the October 16th DMH release, users will now see a visual indicator if an asset already exists in their Cart, Quote or Package. This allows for a user to easily understand if an asset has already been added to their Cart, Quote or Package and will also make their content discovery and fulfillment workflows more efficient.  

When displaying the Search Results, Collection contents or the Asset Detail page, the assets displayed on the page will be compared to the items in the Cart, Quote or Package. For the pages where an asset already exists in the Cart, Quote or Package the styling is updated so that:

1. The icon in the upper left of the asset thumbnail will match the Cart, Quote, Package icon that has been configured for the site

2. The asset Title's drop shadow has been removed

3.  There is a darker overlay for the thumbnail

As soon as an asset is added to a Cart, Quote or Package, the UI will update the styling to give users immediate feedback.