Commerce - Copy to Another Quote

Objective: Allow projects and line items from an existing quote to be copied to another pending quote. This helps minimize sales team effort to get quotes in front of customers.

Implementation: When a Quote Admin is viewing a quote of any status, a new 'Copy Contents to a Pending Quote' option is available. Clicking this option will present a list of the 10 most recently modified PENDING quotes that belong to the Admin user. Selecting the target and submitting the request will copy the source quote's projects and line items to the target quote. These are additions to the target quote and will not overwrite or remove any existing project or line items. The line item attributes that are copied to the target quote include...

  • Trimming
  • Rights Package
  • Delivery Format
  • Usage Notes

Once the copy action has been completed the Admin can continue working with the source quote or jump to the target quote.