Allow Management of CMS Elements

The CMS system (Contentful) uses two primary object types, Assets and Entries. Assets are logos, images and video files that can be referenced in Entries. Entries are a combination of assets, text fields and other entries that define what content should be displayed for a particular page or component.

With the appropriate permission users will see two new sections in the 'General Settings' list, CMS Assets and CMS Entries.

Selecting CMS Assets will display a list of all Assets that are associated with the user's site. For example if they are an admin for the Veritone DMH, they will only see Assets associated with that site. Each asset will display a thumbnail (if available), title, content type, image width/height and file size.

User can also edit Edit an asset. Edit of an asset allows you to replace the media for that asset or change the title. A media change will be reflected in all pages where that asset object is referenced.