Improved Bulk Import for Quotes

As part of the May 15th release, improvements have been made for the Bulk Import for Quotes feature. The process  to bulk import into Quotes should be similar to the 'bulk add' process used when adding Collection items to quotes. A check is done to validate which assets can be added, a confirmation screen is presented, and the quote admin can approve the import.

The bulk import interface accepts the same comma separated data, but now displays a confirmation screen indicating how many items will be added to the quote and which items cannot be added. If the user confirms, then the valid items are imported.

Steps to add assets in bulk to a quote:

  1. From the top-level quote menu, select the 'Import multiple items' option
  2. The input field expects comma delimited values for Asset Name,Trim Start (milliseconds),Trim End (milliseconds),Notes,Price
    1. Each line item should be represented on a single row
    2. Asset Name is required
    3. All other values are optional, but commas are required to define the correct column for each value
  3. Paste or type in the delimited values and click the IMPORT button
  4. The resulting screen will indicate how many of the requested assets can be added to the quote
    1. Assets that can't be found (bad asset name or content filter restriction) cannot be added to the quote
  5. Clicking PROCEED will add all eligible items to the quote
  6. The items will be associated with either a new 'BulkAdd' project, or an existing one