What video player controls are available?

DMH can display Simple and Advanced video players in the asset's detail page. If you have sub-clipping feature permissions activated in your account then the Advanced video player will display (otherwise the Simple video player is used).

Please contact your Wazee Digital representative via the Helpdesk should you require further information or guidance.

Simple Video Player

The following functions are available on the Simple video player:

  1. Play/Pause: will start or stop video playback
  2. Volume: clicking the icon will toggle audio on or off and hovering the icon will display a slider for adjusting the output
  3. Cursor Time: hovering the progress bar will show the associated MM:SS (minutes:seconds) value
  4. Playhead Time: when the cursor is hovering the progress bar the playhead MM:SS value is displayed
  5. Time Remaining: the MM:SS remaining before the end of the video
  6. Full Screen: clicking will play the video across the entire screen

Other functions:

  • Clicking a point on the progress bar will advance the playhead to that position
  • The playhead can be dragged across the process bar to vary the speed of the playback. Responsiveness is dependent on the amount of video cached in the browser