How do I share a collection?

If you have not already created a collection and added assets to it, please follow the steps in the Managing Collections section first. The following section assumes that you have a collection in place with multiple assets in it.

Select a Collection

On the homepage (or any other page), click on your Account Name in the top right hand corner:

  1. In the drop-down menu, click Collections

Further options for accessing your collections can be seen in the What are Collections? section.

In the Your collections page that opens:

  1. Locate your desired collection and click the Share collection icon
  2. If you wish to view the collection before sharing it, click VIEW and you will see the Share collection icon within the collection itself

Share a Collection

In the Collection sharing box that opens:

  1. Enter the Recipient emails (plus Comments if required)
  2. Select the Access level required for your recipient from the drop-down list (access level definitions: Viewer means that the recipient cannot rename, edit, add, or remove content from the shared collection / Editor means that the recipient can rename, edit, add, or remove content from the shared collection)
  3. Click SEND

View the Collection

  1. The recipient will receive an email from

The recipient will be directed to the DMH log in page. Once logged in, they will be directed to the shared collection which has been placed into their collections.

Please note: recipients must have a DMH account in order to access the shared collection. Please contact your Wazee Digital representative via the Helpdesk should you require assistance in setting up your account.


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