How do I share an individual asset?

Share an Asset

  1. Open an asset's detail page by clicking on the asset's thumbnail from the search results page
  1. In the upper right hand corner of the asset's details page that opens, click on the Asset sharing options icon

In the Asset sharing box that opens:

  1. To share via email from the DMH, enter the Recipient emails (plus Comments and Project information if required)
  2. Tick Send me a copy if you wish to receive a copy of the email
  3. Click SEND
  4. To copy the link, click on the Share link icon
  1. The recipient will receive an email from support@wazeedigital
  2. Click VIEW ASSET
  1. The asset's details page will open allowing the recipient to preview the asset

Recipients of a shared link that do not have a DMH account will not be able to download the asset.


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