What is the Digital Media Hub and Live Event Services?

Using our cloud-native platform, gain control, visibility and insight into all of your digital assets, ensuring your valuable content reaches its rightful audience.

Addressing New Business Needs

The way in which our customers monetize their content is rapidly changing. The move to a subscription economy and the adoption of cloud-based SaaS solutions is also well underway. Naturally, content owners and rightsholders are turning to vendors like Wazee Digital, whose cloud-native solutions are specifically designed to help better manage and monetize their video. More and more, the industry looks to solutions that enables the delivery of new business models to generate new revenue. Wazee Digital sits at the heart of this equation.

Wazee Digital Live Event Services

Wazee Digital sits at the heart of major live events providing a unique set of Momentization services.

What is Momentization?

The sports (and other live event) industry generates the world's most compelling moments every day for global audiences. These moments are witnessed by millions of viewers on a grand scale across broadcast and digital mediums alike. These moments live forever and offer a unique value to sports and entertainment properties and their rightsholders. From ingesting and tagging content to locating and distributing highlights with ease, our customers look to us to amplify and monetize every moment of their valuable content.

Key Services

  • Highlights Production and Publishing: Near-live social media and digital app publishing of key moments to supplement broadcast coverage of a live event. Production workflow, VO and GFX packages. 
  • Interview and Highlights Newswire: Interviews, tagged moments and post-event reactions syndicated in broadcast quality via our Digital Media Hub to all pre-approved digital end-points.
  • Content Capture, Management and Access: Multi-broadcast feed capture, clip creation and tagging, post event storage and archive, near-live publication & retrieval of archive content during future events.
  • Live Event Sponsor Activation: Rightsholder representation for pre-approved access to compelling current year footage for use in near-live global broadcast and digital sponsorship campaigns.
  • Dynamic Ingest and Licensing Services: Ensuring the history of a live event is preserved and made accessible via Core for rightsholders, broadcast partners and sponsors plus our own licensing team.

Wazee Digital Media Hub


Getting enriched content to proper rights holders and their respective rightful audience is essential. Digital Media Hub provides a single avenue to capture, organize, and share content from an event. Whether it is access for internal stakeholders, global broadcast partners or corporate sponsors, Digital Media Hub enhances the engagement of your event by allowing real-time access and distribution of content.


  • Provide global access to your event's live content via Digital Media Hub's SaaS portal
  • Reduce the number of credentialed media members on-site
  • Allow extended coverage for media outlets unable to physically attend the event


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