What is Commerce?

Using our cloud-native platform, gain control, visibility and insight into all of your digital assets, ensuring your valuable content reaches its rightful audience.

Addressing New Business Needs

The way in which our customers monetize their content is rapidly changing. The move to a subscription economy and the adoption of cloud-based SaaS solutions is also well underway. Naturally, content owners and rightsholders are turning to vendors like Wazee Digital, whose cloud-native solutions are specifically designed to help better manage and monetize their video. More and more, the industry looks to solutions that enables the delivery of new business models to generate new revenue. Wazee Digital sits at the heart of this equation.

Wazee Digital Commerce


Wazee Digital is the only company who can offer the efficiencies and cost savings of cloud content management and revenue generation while licensing that very same content.

Maximized Monetization

Documentarians, film and television producers, sports broadcasters, top brand marketers, and agencies all look to us for incredible footage, killer research and unmatched clearance expertise that saves time and minimizes risk. For well over a decade Wazee Digital has represented the rights of more than 400 media partners (aka contributors) across Sports, News, Studio, Major Brands and Independent categories. We also sell copyrights and clearances to TV, and filmmakers, major brands and agencies. Wazee Digital offers maximized monetization of content through our Commerce website and also by leveraging established distribution partnerships for increased reach, customers, projects and territories.

Key Services

  • Research
  • Rights and clearances
  • Footage assurance
  • Pre-approved content
  • Project management
  • Footage consulting
  • Commerce website
  • Branded websites
  • Sub-distribution sales
  • Key Innovations

Core powers multiple complex media business models and underpins many of our customers branded front-end portals. These portals range from footage licensing, news subscription, long-form delivery, format sales, full catalog screening and sales and metadata driven consumer vaults. Our new CrUX architecture will radically enhance the way our customers on-board their content to a proven, scalable infrastructure and manage end-to-end upload to monetization workflows via Core and new purpose-built, white-label branded user experiences for the licensing & sale of content.

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