How do I search for a specific collection?

Search for Collections

Searching for a collection puts the tags associated with your collections to good use.

  1. Click on the collection drop-down menu
  2. In the Select collection box that opens, click the magnifying glass to enable the Search for collections... feature

Type in your Search Query

1. Type in your search query and click the magnifying glass

This feature searches the tags that you placed on each of your collections when you created them. Therefore it is very important to carefully consider the words that you choose since they act as keywords for each collection.

View your Search Results Page

A few items to note on your collection search results page:

  1. All collections that match a tag with your search query are displayed in the list
  2. These collections are also fully displayed under Your collections
  3. Note the actual tags associated with each match of your search query
  4. You can also search for collections by simply click on the magnifying glass to the left of the filter and sort icons


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