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What details can I see on a clip returned in my results?

View Basic Details from the Results Page

On the search results page, each clip has the following information:

  1. A brief description
  2. The duration of the clip
  3. The video resolution, e.g. HD, SD, etc.

Hover your cursor over a clip to see more options such as Add to Cart, Download Comp and Add to "X" Collection (which are all features discussed in later chapters.)

A video preview of clips on a search result page is now available. The type of clips and metadata displayed in the UI will vary across sites or even users within a site. If available, the clip preview will play when the cursor is hovered over the clip's thumbnail (see below).  

View the Clip's Details Page

By clicking on the clip, you will be taken to the clip's details page. Here you can view the following information:

  1. The clip ID, format and rights of the clip
  2. A description of the clip
  3. The clip's selected format and price
  4. A preview of the clip itself
  5. You can also add this clip to your featured collection from this page by clicking the + sign as you would from the search results view

The other functions on this page, e.g. Download Comp, Sharing options, Add to 'X' clips, will be discussed in later chapters.

At any time you can return to the search results page by clicking BACK TO SEARCH RESULTS.

View the Clip's Metadata

  1. Click METADATA directly below the clip preview to view all metadata associated with the clip

View Related Clips

  1. Click RELATED to view keywords associated with the clip and subsequently perform further refinement
  2. This tab allows you to view and select from all available Keywords


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