How do I order my content?

Add Clips to the Cart

Once you have seen the comp and are satisfied that the clip is what you were looking for, you can proceed to acquire the clip via purchase

  1. Select the file format you wish to purchase
  2. Click ADD TO CART
  3. Ensure the content was added by noticing the toast pop-up at the bottom of the screen

For the Beta release, editing prices will be limited. A comprensive pricing service is currently in development.

View your Cart

  1. To view the contents of your cart, simply click on the shopping cart icon on the top right hand corner of the page (the red counter on the shopping cart icon shows how many clips you have placed in there in total)

Organize your Cart

  1. You can organize these clips by using 'projects' (a default project is automatically created for you and you can edit its information by clicking on the pencil icon)
  2. Edit the project information and click UPDATE

Manage a Project in Your Cart

  1. Change format of the clip as needed
  2. Click on the copy icon to copy a line item
  3. Use the delete icon to remove a line item
  4. Use MOVE TO PROJECT "X" to shift content from one project to another
  5. Click ADD PROJECT to create a new project
  6. Click PROCEED TO REVIEW to continue the check out process

Coming Soon Cart Features

  1. After selecting the more cart options icon, note the features that will be available to you in an upcoming release
  2. Select REMOVE PROJECT to delete a project from your cart


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