How do I find the right content?

Search from the Home Page

Commerce provides useful and intuitive search functions backed by state of the art technology to minimize the amount of time spent finding the right content. You can create and manage your projects simply and efficiently.  

Take advantage of the type-ahead capability and browse through the list of suggested searches to get the best results on your first try. The suggested terms function makes use of the thesauri available in Core. The use of thesauri provides a more standard set of suggested terms, and benefits those users who may want to leverage a customized thesaurus when getting suggestions for their content. 

  1. Type in your search term
  2. Browse through the list of suggested searches
  3. Select a suggested search string or simply click the search icon

Review and Refine your Search Results

After your search results page loads, note the number of results returned and decide if further refinement is needed.

  1. Use the SORT BY function to change the results view
  2. Select the FILTERS tab to open more refinement options

Work with Filters

After expanding the FILTERS tab:

Leaving the Display Filter Counts OFF will improve page load times.

  1. Open each filter category to view your options
  2. Select the parameters that will help narrow the results
  3. Remove filters by simply closing the respective breadcrumb

Working with the Date Range Filter

Use the date picker to easily select year, month and day values. For filters that are based on a date range, you should only be required to enter a single date, and the corresponding start or end date will be auto populated.

  1. Click on Beginning of time and select your first date in the range
  2. Click on End of time and select your last date in the range


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