CORE: PDF File Support and Flattening

As part of the August 29th release, Wazee Digital expanded support for PDF files within Core. 

Please contact your Wazee Digital representative via the Helpdesk should you require further information or guidance. 

Feature Overview

  • PDFs can now be ingested into Core
  • PDF that are then presented in Digital Media Hub can be displayed using an integrated PDF Viewer
  • An integration with On-Demand Watermarks allows the creation of burnt-in watermarks for secure viewing
  • We can now support Compressed and Flattened PDFs as a Full Comp request

Key Features

  • Can ingest PDF as a Master 
  • Can create Full Comp renditions
  • Create a Compressed Full-Resolution Comp (Flattened PDF)
  • PDFs Master and Full Comp can be previewed in Digital Media Hub

Key Benefits

  • Users can view multi-page PDFs within the player in Digital Media Hub
  • Discourages unauthorized distribution of sensitive PDFs with dynamic watermarks