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CORE: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Migration

What is the AWS Migration?

During the months of May and June, Wazee Digital will complete the process of migrating our remaining infrastructure and services to AWS. We are very excited about this project which will result in a highly scalable and efficient cloud infrastructure.

The last phase of the migration includes finishing the implementation of services to cloud services, transfer of Wazee Digital Media Hubs and Wazee Digital Core and Commerce platforms.  

When will the AWS Migration be occurring?

May 9th, 5am MTN: Wazee Digital ingest service migration

May 11th, 7am MTN: Shipping dock migration

June 3rd, 5am MTN: Wazee Digital orchestration, SSO, AuthApp migration

June 5th, 5am-7am MTN: Service outage Wazee Digital Core/API migration

How will the AWS Migration affect me?

Business as usual.

It is not anticipated that any phases of the migration will impact users with the exception of the final cut-over of the Wazee Digital Core/API on June 5th.  The Wazee Digital Core service outage is expected to last no more than 2 hours.  


Wazee Digital's compute and workflow services migration to an AWS cloud architecture will provide many benefits including:

  • Align storage and transcoding to provide a more efficient and streamlined environment
  • Allow fulfillment of content directly from AWS via native and accelerated methods
  • Provide automated scale and seamless resource provisioning through AWS's scalable compute architecture
  • Compliment Wazee Digital's technical teams with AWS' massive pool of experts and talent
  • Partnering with AWS on critical initiatives regarding security and compliance

Further Information

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