CORE: Fixes (January 4th, 11th, 25th)

January 25th

Timeline Data

Timeline Data scroll bar disappears when there are 100+ items logged in the timeline, fixed.


Metadata Export report not generating when all fields are selected for export, fixed.

January 11th

Loading Dock UI

The Loading Dock UI has been simplified and enhanced in the following manner:  

  • Documentation now included inside the page with a collapse feature
  • Ingest, Burst, Delete, Isolate are now buttons instead of links
  • Shift/Ctrl clicking has been removed, all hidden features are now buttons
  • The maximum number of rows supported is now 100

Broadcast Standard

Broadcast Standard page is defaulting to lowercase for Scan Type instead of upper case, fixed.

January 4th


Duplicate assets are being loaded into bins when a users is in the List View display mode, fixed.


Manage screen occasionally compressed and does not display all options, fixed.

Selected playlists not showing when editing an existing delivery, fixed.

Published renditions (and those with errors) not deleting properly from Core when Monetization is activated, fixed.