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CORE: Facebook Publishing, Search and Discovery Policy Upgrades

Facebook Publishing from Core

Core now provides the ability to create, manage, and remove posts directly from Core to Facebook pages. Users can select reditions, curate a text post or use existing metadata fields for a custom branded Facebook experience.  

For more information review Facebook Publishing.

Search Upgrade

Wazee Digital strives to provide the best possible technological and user experience to our clients. As such, we have upgraded Core's search infrastructure and migrated all users to the new platform. API and other portal users will be migrated later. 

Thank you to Core's 600+ beta users who have helped with the testing of the new platform. This upgrade will provide a more modern and scalable search experience for Core.

Discovery Policy Upgrade

A new Core discovery policy has been added which enables a user to ingest metadata records in an Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet format before the corresponding video content is ingested. When the video content is ingested at a later date, Core will synchronise the metadata record and the video content.  

Detailed requirements and further information about this discovery policy can be found under Ingesting your Content.