CORE: Fixes (February 8th, 9th, 27th)

February 27th


User is unable to access My Bins and Bin Options for proxy account fixed, i.e. an admin is able to select a user and manage bins on their behalf including being able to access bins and all bin options.  

Bin sharing without page refresh fixed, i.e. a user is able to assign access of their bins to other Core users.  When selecting New Bin a user should see Access to this Bin Selection.

February 8th - 9th


Load error fixed, i.e. after deleting a bin within a folder and collapsing / expanding the bin hierarchy.

My active bin error fixed, i.e. if a user does not have a bin selected then they cannot access any bins. They then receive a blank page instead of being directed to the first bin in their bin list, which defaults to the My Clips bin if no bins are created.

Bins management error fixed, i.e. if a user selects clips and uses Add Selected to My Downloads from the Tools drop-down menu, the clips are not added to My Downloads and the user recieves a null pointer exception error.

Deleting assets from a bin using Remove Assets from Active Bin multiple times creates an error (happens with single assets or multiple selecting assets).


Grid view error fixed, i.e. the pagination was missing from bottom of search results page.

List view error fixed, i.e. the sort order was not changing when the Sort By was set to Title (A-Z) and changed to Title (Z-A).