CORE: New YouTube Publishing

Wazee Digital can now configure your Core account to automatically publish all ingested assets to YouTube. Alternatively, you can now publish or manage individual assets.

For the fully detailed Core User Guide section, see How do I manually publish to (and manage an asset on) YouTube?

Please note that the YouTube publishing feature is not available within the Basic with Download Access Level. To activate this feature in your Core account, please contact your Wazee Digital representative here.

Example: Manually Publishing an Asset

  1. Available Renditions are published from the Renditions tab in an asset's metadata
  2. Available Renditions (in a format which is compatible with YouTube) will have a Publish button
  3. Available Renditions can be delivered to any YouTube channel set up for your Core account with any Privacy setting
Example: Manually Publishing an Asset

Example: Manually Managing a Published Asset

  1. Once an asset is published it can be Managed in Core
  2. Publication details are made available
  3. The asset can be removed from Youtube
  4. The asset can be viewed on YouTube directly from Core
Example: Manually Managing a Published Asset