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CORE: User Interface Updates in My Downloads

Multiple updates have been made to the My Downloads feature in Core. For the fully detailed Core User Guide section, see How do I download a master?

Example: Prepare Downloads Page

  1. An All Delivery Formats option that updates the delivery format for the entire order has been moved from a link on the left side to a drop down menu at the top of the page
  2. Edit, Duplicate, Save For Later and Remove options have been added as buttons instead of icons to the right hand side of each deliverable
  3. Delivery Options are now located at the bottom

Example: Edit Asset Page

  1. The Output Filename / Text field is now populated with the asset's ID and can now include Metadata fields for naming purposes
  2. Clipping details can now be updated
  3. Notes can be added that show up on the Confirm Downloads and My Downloads pages
Example: Edit Asset Page

Example: Confirm Downloads Page

  1. The output file format is now more visible in upper right hand corner
  2. Any edit notes or sub-clipping information added is now displayed with each deliverable (additional clip information is also added)
  3. Delivery destinations have been added to My Destinations

Example: Order Page

  1. The output target is now more visible
  2. The order in process notice is now more visible
Example: Order Page

Example: My Downloads

  1. A visible order status Pending / Available / Expired has been added
  2. A blue header on the order has been added for more visible order grouping