How do I get started?


The Core API enables the ability to browse across large swaths of content, or pinpoint something entirely specific. The content in our store is protected, so you can only access those portions for which you have permissions. Where you do have access, the API provides a means to:

  • Search: Find categories, types, or titles, all searchable properties of content. Discover important technical information about content; properties such as title, release date, length, format, codec, aspect ratio. Or get event-based metadata with timecodes and attributes.
  • View: Preview content, watch clips, or view long form content in full where you own or have rights associated with it.

The public API is implemented in REST (REpresentational State Transfer) over HTTP. We have endeavored to use the strictest definition of REST, meaning that our data is noun-oriented, using the four GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE HTTP "verbs" as the primary verbs in the interface. All data communication uses either name-value pairs for simple data, or XML for structured data.

In addition to the REST API used for data communication, a Flash video player is also available which is necessary to access most video content.

By utilizing our API or video player, you are subject to Wazee Digital's Terms and Conditions.

Access the API Wiki

Please click here to access the API Wiki.

Please note: this API documentation refers to Wazee Digital's former company names (T3Media and Thought Equity Motion). Our API documentation is currently being updated and will be posted here when complete. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the API, please contact us here.