What is Core?

Using our cloud-native platform, gain control, visibility and insight into all of your digital assets, ensuring your valuable content reaches its rightful audience.

Addressing New Business Needs

The way in which our customers monetize their content is rapidly changing. The move to a subscription economy and the adoption of cloud-based SaaS solutions is also well underway. Naturally, content owners and rightsholders are turning to vendors like Wazee Digital, whose cloud-native solutions are specifically designed to help better manage and monetize their video. More and more, the industry looks to solutions that enables the delivery of new business models to generate new revenue. Wazee Digital sits at the heart of this equation.

Wazee Digital Core

Core is an Enterprise SaaS media management and delivery platform that was built cloud-native. It is a business agnostic solution that enables our customers to monetize their content.

Today we have over 10 million video assets under secure management for diverse organizations such as major studios, governmental departments, broadcasters, sports federations, news archives and a wide range of other content owners and rightsholders. Core sits at the heart of everything we do, using its powerful media management toolset to drive multiple monetization models for any organization that owns video.

Core manages all the complex tasks of video content acquisition, effective workflow, universal access, metadata management and automated delivery to any affiliate or any screen. It integrates powerful multiscreen video logistics with workflow intelligence to give you maximum operational efficiencies and control. Core offers secure cloud services and storage that scales with the size of your content library.

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