How do I use Wazee Digital user guides?

Please note: Wazee Digital provides cloud-native Enterprise SaaS solutions for a wide range of customers around the world. Your specific product may have user interface (UI) branding elements that are specific to your organization. The Wazee Digital Knowledge Base provides guidance using generic Wazee Digital UI images (screen-shots) in order to keep the information provided generic.

Wazee Digital's products also have multiple features and permissions which means that when viewing part of the Wazee Digital Knowledge Base, you may come across a feature that you do not have access to. In this case, please contact your Wazee Digital representative via the Helpdesk should you require further information or guidance.

The User Guide Structure

Wazee Digital product user guides typically follow a standard structure or content hierarchy, which is as follows:

  • Manual (e.g. the user guide in this case)
    • Chapter
      • Article
        • Steps

Try viewing this structure yourself by going to the manual, Wazee Digital Core - User Guide:

  • Within the manual you will see a chapter(s), for example, Discovering your Content
  • Within the chapter, you will see an article(s), for example, How do I discover my content?
  • Within the article, you will see a number of steps (see the example article screen-shot below)

The Article Structure

Article level guidance is usually provided by a series of numbered steps which correspond with the numbers in the associated screen-shot below the steps. This format provides the answer to the question asked in the article's title (in this case, How do I discover my content?)

Product funtions are noted in bold type as they appear on the product's user interface (see the word Browse below for example).

The Knowledge Base search bar is an excellent way of discovering the answer to your question.

  1. Type in your search keyword into the search bar
  2. Click Search
  3. Search Results will be displayed below with your search keyword highlighted in yellow. Click on any result to take you to that article
  4. You can also use the Filter Search Results panel to filter your search results by manual