How do I log timeline data?

This is a high-level walk through of the recently enhanced Timeline Data / Fast Logging feature using an American Football template and footage. The templates can be curated to display options for other sports and entertainment usage.

Please note: a Core user must have the correct permissions configured in order to see and use the Time Data feature. Please contact your Wazee Digital representative via the Helpdesk to discuss permissions and configure your Core account.  

Select your Timeline

  1. Search and select your chosen asset
  2. Click on it's Edit metadata (yellow wrench) icon
  1. Click on the Timeline Data tab
  1. Click Hide Empties on the Timelines tab
  2. Select a timeline
  3. Click Add
  4. Click the Fast Logging tab

Fast Logging

Fast Logging Templates

Fast Logging templates include drop-down boxes and other metadata used in the Fast Logging page to create the keyword and description sentence. Wazee Digital has standard templates available that have been specifically created for American Football and Basketball.  For training, support and setting up other templates, please contact your Wazee Digital representative here.

Below is an example of a partial American Football template, including the following attributes:

  • [Description.Event.Timeline|Offense] is the the timeline that we are populating
  • ${player1}|${action}|${action1}|${player2}|${play_result}|${yards} yards|${result}|${players}| tells Core the sentence that will be created with the metadata
  • player1 | combobox | ${Sport.Team1.Roster}, {Sport.Team2.Roster} are metadata fields in Core where the team rosters have been added to the field. This data populates a drop-down box in the UI called Player 1
  • action | combobox | block, blocked-pass, etc... this is a free-form field created in the template by the user which populates the drop-down box called action. In this example there are American Football actions that player 1 might perform.  These have been added in alphabetical order to facilitate user selection
  • action1 | dropdown | block, blocked-pass, etc... in this template action1 is the result of player 1's action

The Fast Logging UI

In order to use the Fast Logging feature, a template must be created and associated data loaded into related metadata fields. See the Fast Logging Templates step above for more information.

Follow these steps to create a moment:

  1. In the video player, find/select an in point, which will be the start of the sub-clip. Click Mark IN (i)
  2. In the video player find/select an out point which will be the end of the sub-clip. Click Mark OUT (o)
  3. Click In/Out and the points will be added to the UI

Creating a Sentence

Please note: in this example the Player1 and Player2 drop-downs are populated from the metadata fields

  1. Select the primary player associated with the moment just created. The drop down boxes are type-ahead capable. In this example 14 was typed in the box and selected as that is the primary player in this moment. Please note: in this example the Player1 and Player2 dropdowns are populated from the metadata fields Sport.Team1.Roster and Sport.Team2.Roster
  2. Select ${action}, i.e. what was the action player 14 did at that moment? In this example, he threw the ball
  3. Select ${action1}, i.e. what was the result when player 14 threw? The result was a completed-pass
  4. Complete selecting the data to populate the boxes
  5. A sentence has now been created based upon the fields
  6. Click Take+Start

Creating a Sub-clip and Adding it to a Bin

  1. Click Create Sub-clips
  2. The screen will then display the Results
  3. Create a sub-clip report by clicking COPY SUCCESSFUL SUB-CLIP REPORT FOR EXCEL
  4. Add the new clips to your selected bin

A sample sub-clip is noted below. The Title and Description is the sentence created in the Fast Logging UI and the Keywords are taken from the action drop-down boxes.


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