How do I add a hyperlink to my publication?

This article describes how a Core user can add a hyperlink (e.g. a website URL) to the description field during the YouTube and Facebook Publish process. The hyperlink can be added through a Core workflow or through the Publish feature. To use the Core workflow feature, please contact your Wazee Digital representative via the Helpdesk.

Prepare the asset for publishing as per the guides: How do I publish and manage assets on YouTube? or How do I publish and manage assets on Facebook? During the Prepare the Asset for Publishing step:

  1. Click Description: and select the Text option in the drop-down menu
  2. Type the URL address along with any other information. Please note: the URL can be added at any point in the description. In order to publish onto YouTube as a hyperlink the URL must start with a http:\\ or https:\\.  
  3. Please note: a URL in the Title: will not display as a hyperlink in YouTube

YouTube and Facebook Display Examples

  1. YouTube Title Example: the URL will display but not as a hyperlink
  2. YouTube Description Example: the URL is blue and when clicked directs the user to the site in a seperate browser window
  3. Facebook Example of using http:\\ in the URL
  4. Facebook Example of not using http:\\ in the URL