How do I set up Facebook as an EndPoint?

Core Permissions

A Core user must have the correct endpoint permissions configured under Administer / Manage Endpoints in order to publish to a new Facebook page. These permissions will allow a user to add, edit, and delete endpoints. Please contact your Wazee Digital representative via the Helpdesk to discuss permissions and configure your Core account.

Adding a Facebook Page

  1. Click Admin
  2. Click Administer
  3. Click Manage Endpoints
  4. Fill in the Enter supplier name or id box and click return on your keyboard
  5. Select the Facebook icon. If a user is not logged into their Facebook account then a prompt will ask them to log in. If a user is already logged in, an authorisation screen will appear (complete this approval process)
  6. Facebook requires the authorisation for receiving the public profile of the Facebook page
  7. Choose who is allowed to see the posts
  8. Allow Core to manage pages, posts, etc. This is the Facebook permission which allows Core to post, change and remove assets on behalf of the user
  9. Upon approval, the new Endpoint will appear